dennis & the vibraphonette

Monday, November 06, 2006

Recordings Abound!

My vibraphonette has been dashing around Brooklyn for some recordings with Clare Burson and T. Griffin Coraline. In fact, I just got it back from the studio of T. Griffin Coraline where we recorded for the upcoming album God Made Cars. Both albums should be out next year!

Now that I have it back I can take a look at a few things for a fellow vibraphonette owner in nearby Long Island, Mike. I think the belts and spacers are a common need. He mentioned that he knew of a place in Chicago that might be of help.

I also might take mine apart and compare it to the pictures of the one that just sold. That one supposedly has a quiet motor. Mine is not that all that quiet. And I would love to find out if there is some way to install a new motor - maybe with variable speed!

Recent sale of a vibraphonette

I just saw a vibraphonette sell on eBay that looked like it was in need of some TLC. And it sold for $860! Wow! I think I was lucky to get mine before the rush on vibraphonettes hit its stride. For this one that just sold, the listing mentioned that the motor was quiet, but one of the legs didn't seem to work. Also, the damper rod was missing. I'm not sure where to get one of those. I'm guessing the person that bought it has had some experience with vibraphone repair. (at least I hope so) Here are a few more pictures I borrowed from the ad.