dennis & the vibraphonette

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Update: Sold!] Expensive Vibraphonette For Sale On eBay (in Los Angeles)

Here's the latest vibraphonette for sale.  This time it is an expensive one located in Los Angeles.  It is on eBay but it looks to be the same one sold from a store in Los Angeles called Vintage Keys & Percussion.  They are asking $1900 for this 2 octave version that seems to be in not-so-new shape.  It is missing the handle, but has all the damper pedal parts.  The casing has lots of cuts, scrapes and stains.

This is the highest asking price I've seen for the 2 octave version.  They have had one offer on Ebay that was declined.  I'll be surprised if they get anywhere near $1900, but maybe someone will walk in their store and fall in love with it.

They relisted it at $1490 and it sold for $1200.  I'm guessing it was a 'best offer' that was accepted.  The price came down $700, but still..  $1200 is at the very high end for the smaller version.