dennis & the vibraphonette

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Walk Into The Sea (with a vibraphonette)

The vibraphonette played a major role in the award winning film A Walk Into The Sea. The film is a documentary about the mysterious 1966 disappearance of Danny Willams, who was part of the Andy Warhol Factory. I saw a showing at the Tribeca Film Festival just last weekend. I thought it was mesmerizing.... so much so that I almost forgot to listen for the vibraphonette (and my two trumpet notes, too). The vibraphonette had a long section where it was the only sound to go along with the film. I was so proud!

I love this quote about the movie:

" The toothiest exposé yet into the soul-sucking modus operandi of Warhol's Factory "
- Ed Gonzalez, Village Voice

For more info about the film visit A Walk Into The Sea's website.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vibraphonette vs. Vibraphone

The vibraphonette made its way to Bushwick, Brooklyn in Laurel Lindahl's Saab for Vitamin-D's weekend recording session. We recorded at a studio called The Fort with Jim Bentley as engineer and Adam Druckman flew in from Detriot as producer. We also brought Adam Gold's medium sized vibraphone for a song called "Summer Crossing."

Now, moving Adam's vibraphone was quite the chore as compared to the vibraphonette. The process involved taking off the bars and the resonators first. Then, you fold up the frame. It requires a few people to carry everything - or a few trips. The vibraphone barely fit in the car and once it was in, there was hardly much room for much else. The vibraphonette is close to 50 lbs, but it is much much easier to travel with than an actual vibraphone -- score one for the little guy.

After getting home and listening to the tracks, the vibraphone might have had too much sustain for one of the parts it was playing. I might have to record it again with the vibraphonette -- maybe score another one for the little guy.

Click here for pictures of the studio session.