dennis & the vibraphonette

Friday, March 24, 2006

another vibraphonette from across the pond

i got an email a few weeks ago from another galanti vibraphonette owner. his name is will and he lives across the pond in holland. his vibraphonette looks like it is in great shape. it has an extra half octave (on the low end to make 2 1/2 octaves). the bars look much more like regular vibraphone bars, whereas mine are much thinner. it also looks like it has an extra leg to carry the extra weight. i didn't ask him if he transports it very much or how much is weighs, but i'm guessing it weighs closer to 60lbs if mine is about 45lbs.

he also mentioned that he has an early 60's galanti guitar!

thanks for the pictures, will!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

tom and kerry's wedding

the vibraphonette made a trip to a restaurant called provence in the soho section of manhattan on march 4th, 2006 to help celebrate the wedding of our dear friends, tom and kerry. for part of the ceremony (the walk down the aisle) adam sang 'all you need is love' while playing the vibraphonette. by the end of the song everyone was singing along! gary played upright bass, chris played guitar and i played the trumpet. we also played nick drake's 'saturday sun' for part of the ceremony. after the 'i do's' we packed up and joined the party!