dennis & the vibraphonette

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Across The Northern Border

Last November, the vibraphonette and The Quavers had a harrowing experience on the way up to Montreal to play a show with our good friend, Harris Newman. The trip started out smoothly enough, but soon we were on the shoulder-less New York State Thruway with a flat tire. Todd skillfully managed to hop the curb so we could try and change the right/rear tire with a very very tiny spare, which was stored underneath all of out gear - including the vibraphonette. Thankfully all the gear fit on top of the car so there was no muddied vibraphonette! We put the spare on and slowly made our way to a service station to get a more solid replacement.

We played a very friendly vegetarian cafe called Casa Del Popolo. Highly recommended if you visit Montreal. The show was great and it was wonderful to see our friends again. Hopefully next time the car ride will be much less exciting.