dennis & the vibraphonette

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bar 169, The Tank, Pete's Candy, Living Room

The vibraphonette has played many shows since the last update. Maybe partially because the next night after the Clare Burson show (previous post) Vitamin-D played Bar 169. A wretched experience it was - primarily due to the poor booking and a bit due to a rude bartender. It was the first time I not only had initial thoughts about not wanting to play there that night, but I was very very close to packing up and leaving. My friends Barn Burning came down from RI to play the show and their set time of 8pm was pushed to 9pm. Not too terrible of a delay. We didn't play until 1am after we were told of going on at 10pm, 11pm and 12:30am. Once we went on we played great, but we had to endure a creed-like band and a american-idol-like band. Not that there's anything wrong with those bands - it was just a very poor booking for Vitamin-D. New vibraphonettist, Gary, did an incredible job - adding melodies that I didn't think were possible. Our friends Mouse didn't get to play until after us! The night was a great test of patience for all involved.

Next up was the newly moved Tank with T. Griffin Coraline. A black-box theater type of art space. They have had several locations in the last few years and I think I like this place the best of the ones I've played so far.

Vitamin-D played again at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on April 1st. Gary was the guest vibraphonettist once again with Adam moving to drums. I think this is the show that Gary coined the term "vibe sticks."

Chris Moore was next on April 19th at the Living Room. Pete Galub said it was "mind altering," a good thing it seemed. I played the vibraphonette for most of the set, but Adam took over for one song and I made my debut on the drums... well, drum.