dennis & the vibraphonette

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mo Pikins with Clare Burson

The vibraphonette made a trip to the East Village on March 9th to be part of Clare Burson's band for a few songs. Mo Pikins is a pretty classy place. It's a bit like the fez but the staff was actually nice and I actually enjoyed playing there. Clare's line up included her on acoustic guitar and vocals, kristen on drums, john on upright bass and me on vibraphonette and trumpet. I had only rehearsed with clare a few times and I had not met the band until right before the show. I was still getting to learn the few songs i played on so I played very lightly. Hopefully, I'll get plenty of practice for the next show!

And I almost forgot to mention - as we were loading out, a young woman said to me, "nice job on that thingyphone."