dennis & the vibraphonette

Monday, February 06, 2006

1st show

the first show with the vibraphonette was last october at pete's candy store in brooklyn, ny. my friend laurel was kind enough to give us a ride in her blue saab and the vibraphonette fit perfectly in the trunk. adam, the vibraphonettist, is pictured along with konrad, the drummer.

when i tipped it to put the legs on, i noticed some small black plastic pieces fell on the floor. i figured out later that they were broken pieces of the plastic that kept the metal bars from touching the metal supports that keep the bars up. i think the plastic is so old that the movement of the bars in transit cracked them.

the was also the first show for my new guitar, which is actually a very old and very groovy supro hollowbody electric guitar. the audience seemed much more excited about the vibraphonette, though. after the show i spent quite some time telling everything i knew about it - which wasn't much.


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